Please have a rest

To the one who’s feeling hopeless, to the one who is struggling, to the one who is facing difficulty, you see, life will never be easy but I hope you know that it will be worth it. To the troubled souls who can’t sleep thinking they are no good, cheer up. To the one who […]

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Hey, A..

Its 3:11 in the morning and here I am composing a message for you. I just finished typing my formal report and took a quick shower. Here I am on my pajamas, facing the window and watching as the teardrops pour down. I was about to sleep when I thought of you. I already switched […]

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Still into you

Fourteen months and seven days ago, I know you know how we felt about that night. Maybe that night was one of the times where we talked through the phone about anything under the sun. We laugh about anything, we talked about topics that we dislike most, we talked about how we will be in […]

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Article by Kate Colby Have you ever felt super-motivated to write, learn a new recipe, clean out your closet, etc. at the most inconvenient time, only to completely lose all motivation when you finally have a free moment? Yeah, me too. So, how do you reclaim that burst of inspiration when you have free time? […] […]

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Do you ever stop and think about the lives of characters in movies? They’re all just so magical. Like where are the parents when these teens are going out partying on a Thursday? Don’t they have homework? Why doesn’t anyone ever go to the bathroom? Do girls just not get their periods? I just don’t […] […]

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